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Stop Steiner in Stroud

“If only the public knew what they were they would be stopped on ethical grounds.”

Just one statement from a parent who has had a brush with Steiner and knows how they treat dissenters .

It is much easier to try to forget painful experiences, especially if you partly blame yourself for choosing such a school. Families who exit Steiner education in distress are sometimes never heard of again as critics, understandably they wish to put their experiences behind them.

Or sometimes they write anonymously; there is a private “survivors” group where families can share experiences without fear of retribution from the “movement”.

Parents of young children – and older children, just want to protect them from suffering any further problems than have already been experienced. Changing schools can be difficult enough for a child even when there is no animosity or bad feeling with the old school, so a positive outlook for the future…

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