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Free Schools(5b) – Steiner’s ‘Study of Man’, a blueprint for Anthroposophical education

Un article anglophone qui montre comment s’y prennent les écoles Steiner-Waldorf pour endoctriner subtilement les parents à l’Anthroposophie. A lire en complément de la dernière section de mon article paru sur le site de l’UNADFI.

UK Anthroposophy

Readers will find it easier to follow this post having read the one previous to it in this series – this saves me from having to re-explain what the acronyms mean, where a resource came from or can be found. The story so far anyway:- It was established in the previous post that the right to use the terms ‘Steiner’ and ‘Waldorf’ in a school name is legally controlled by the Pedagogical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at Dornach, headquarters of the global Anthroposophy movement – the terms are thus a sort of brand name. Thanks to UK government commissioned and published research (the Woods Report) it was also shown that Steiner branded schools are all underpinned by Anthroposophy, the schools can therefore more accurately be referred to as Anthroposophical schools. AWSNA and SWSF were both shown to control the Dornach brand in their respective countries. They also…

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