Publié par : gperra | 19 septembre 2012

An Almost Imperceptible Manipulation and Indoctrination (traduction de mon article : Une emprise et un endoctrinement presque indétectables)

The following is the unabridged translation of Grégoire Perra’s excellent and highly revealing article, “Une emprise et un endoctrinement presque indétectables”, with his kind permission. You are free to link to this page but please contact us before publishing extracts elsewhere.


We meet at a small table in a parisian cafe. I’m as surprised at his appearance, changed by the years, as he is by mine. It’s nearly 20 years since we’ve seen one another. We spend a few minutes exchanging details of our domestic and professional lives, then there seems to be a lull in the conversation. A kind of embarrassment seems to suddenly slip in, which my companion finally finds the courage to overcome:

“You know Grégoire, I recently read your piece on the UNADFI site.  It made me think a lot… but I’ll tell you straight out, I don’t feel that I was indoctrinated during my schooling a Verrières-le-Buisson. In fact, I mostly have incredible memories of our teachers. Amazing people! Do you remember Mr so and so? And Mrs so and so? They were extraordinary. On the other hand, for the Federation to sue you, it’s vile of them. They’ve got the right to disagree with what you’ve written, sure, but it’s not ok to try to prevent its publication.”

I look at my old friend for a long moment without speaking. His sincerity unnerves me, and I have no idea how to respond. He’s obviously read my article, and recognised the truth of all the elements I describe and the authenticity of my approach, but he seems incapable of acknowledging the indoctrination which is at the heart of that article. Isn’t it obvious from the facts as presented? How to explain such blindness, in someone whom I’ve known to be both intelligent and wise for many years? Eventually I decide to reply:

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