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Grégoire Perra and the Fédération des Ecoles Steiner-Waldorf de France

Extraits de l’article :

« Grégoire Perra is the author of an article that’s making a lot of noise in France: The Indoctrination of Students to Anthroposophy in Steiner Waldorf Schools (L’Endoctrinement des élèves à l’anthroposophie dans les Ecoles Steiner Waldorf – June 2011). In it, he demonstrates how this supposed innovative pedagogy is in reality a way of subliminally conditioning the students of those schools to anthroposophy. His conclusion is that even if most students will not be involved in anthroposophy once their schooling is completed, they have nevertheless been subliminally conditioned  to see the world through Rudolf Steiner’s eyes, without realising consciously how limited this view of things is, nor are they conscious of the anthroposophical environment which is the basis of their entire universe in their school. His verdict is clear: this process is a serious breach of the children’s freedom. »

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« What caused you to testify against a group you’d been with for nearly 30 years? (extract from: Why Testify Against the Anthroposophical Movement – May 2012)

That’s a very good question. In fact, there wasn’t a specific event which enabled me to realise what was happening and push me to testify. I am a philosopher by profession and what happened was actually step by step, a long process of reflection. (…) It became necessary for me to testify, not to satisfy some kind of bitterness, but to find some kind of coherence, to take control of my life again. And to do my duty! In fact, when I decided to reach out to an organisation set up to help victims of cults, in the Summer of 2010, I told them the story of what happened to me. I was mostly looking for people from a civil society who would be able to help me look at my experiences from an outside perspective. As long as one remains within the confines of a cultish environment, especially when placed there since childhood, one sees the world and ones own life with benchmarks placed there in your mind by that environment. To really cross to the other side, one must be able to see what happened through someone else’s eyes. The eyes of the real world, of normal people.

(extract from: The Pressures of the Anthroposophical Environment – May 2012) »

« I would like to finish this article by considering more current events. Over the last few years, voices have been raising a little bit everywhere around the world to denounce anthroposophy and the institutions that derive from it. Voices like Dan Dugan’s, Roger Rawlings’, Lydie Baumann-Bay’s, etc. We may be at the start of an inevitable process which will only grow stronger. Because of their malfunctions and ambiguities, Steiner-Waldorf schools are in the line of fire. Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy has now existed for nearly a century. Why has it never been possible for it to discern and sort out all the fundamental contradictions it is mired in, by itself? Does such an inability explain a desire to preserve a system that produces the perverted effects described in these articles? (…) This is the reason why civil society and the government now have the moral obligation to intervene, because this pedagogy’s constitutional problems appear to be too deep to be fixed internally. This is also the reason for my testimony. »
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Grégoire’s testimony has been published since June 2011 on the UNADFI site – The National Union of Groups in Defense of Families and Individuals Victims of Sects, whose role is recognised by the state. The UNADFI granted the Fédération des Écoles Steiner-Waldorf en France a right to respond to Mr. Perra’s testimony, which they took. But despite that, they have now threatened him and UNADFI with legal action. The UNADFI is courageously supporting Grégoire’s testimony and keeping it on their site, believing it to be of quality, authentic and sincere.

Further, the MIVILUDES, an official organisation of the French government, responsible for observing sects, and a part of the Prime Minister’s cabinet, has written to Mr Perra to thank him for his testimony, which answered many questions that have been asking themselves for years concerning these schools and this pedagogy.

traducteurs: Steve Paris et Angel Garden

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