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Grégoire Perra, by Alicia Hamberg

Grégoire Perra

by A in Annat

August 20, 2012

Suddenly appeared, on the critics list, a link to a new article, in French, and a new name: Grégoire Perra (he has a blog). Or, the article wasn’t actually new, it had been published a year ago, but I — and apparently some others — had not seen it before. It — entitled ‘Anthroposophical indoctrination of students in Waldorf-Steiner schools’ — was published by a French anti-cult organisation, UNADFI.

Cathy writes about Perra and the article:

This is such an important article! The conclusion he draws is that even if only a few students become full blown anthroposophists, this subtle indoctrination masked as education is an affront to the freedom of children.

The author was indeed a member of First Class, and recently heavily involved, not only as a teacher but on various anthroposophical committees connected to education etc, writing articles, and even with with the school of Spiritual science in Switzerland (which he states with an air of pride and awe I think!)

He confirms unequivocally anthroposophical indoctrination is rife in Steiner Waldorf schools, and the subtle, subliminal way authorities and those “outsiders” are led up the wrong path. He says how organised this method of indoctrination is, and the words « subliminal », « surreptitious », « ritual secrets », « insidious », « indoctrination », « leitmotif », « charismatic figures » etc abound.

Read the rest of her post, it’s really worth it. I might even try to struggle through the original article in French one day… Diana, who also reads French much faster than I could ever imagine doing, writes that « it is damning ». Students are taught to see the world through the eyes of Rudolf Steiner, without ever “naming” for them what they are learning (anthroposophy). Limiting of cultural references, without the students having the context to understand that the world view they are imbibing is partial.’

An anonymous list reader sent Dan some links to relevant posts on Grégoire Perra’s blog. It appears that, among other things, he and the UNADFI organisation have been threatend with a lawsuit for making these claims and accusations against anthroposophy. This, on the part of anthroposophy, is a kind of behaviour that only serves to reinforce the impression of a cult. Perhaps in particular when used against a defector of the movement, who claims the kinds of things Perra is claiming. Even anthroposophists should understand that suing people is not the way to go in cases like that (unless they want a bad reputation… as an ethically challenged cult). That what he writes is controversial stuff is pretty clear, however, even from my limited reading so far.

Lire la suite et les commentaires…


  1. A reblogué ceci sur La Vérité sur les écoles Steiner-Waldorf and commented:

    Un article dont je suis fier et qui a ouvert de nombreuses portes !

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